I do all types of ENT surgery, in common with many other ENT surgeons.  The items below are areas in which I have special expertise.

Surfers ear surgery

I have embraced the 'chisel' method of treating 'surfer's ear,' or exostoses, giving quicker, less painful and faster healing procedures usually on both ears at the same time.

For more information go to https://www.facebook.com/surfersearsurgery/

Coblation adenotonsillectomy

Coblation adenotonsillectomy uses plasma technology (as in plasma screen TV's!) to melt tissue at a lower temperature than either laser or cauterisation methods.  For this reason it is generally acknowledged as safer, less painful and with a faster return to normal activity than any other method.

Both Knysna Life Private Hospital and Plettenberg Bay Mediclinic offer this technology.

Read more about the technology here!


I am a member of the South African Acadamy of Facial and Cosmetic Surgeons, and have an interest in reconstructive and cosmetic nasal surgery, working in close partnership with a plastic surgeon as a team.

Chronic otitis externa - outer ear infections

I use a little-known but highly successful surgical technique to open the outer ear canal with minimal risk of scarring to prevent chronic itchy and leaking ears.

Endoscopic ear surgery

An endoscope (telescope) permits surgery of the middle ear without external skin incisions.  This technique is new in South Africa.  I have already removed cholesteatomas, closed perforations in the eardrum, and reconstructed the ossicular chain using this method.  Absence of or smaller skin incisions minimise bleeding, postoperative pain and the risk of infection, with a faster return to normal activity.

Learn more about endoscopic ear surgery here!

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