About Me

Martin Young I am eternally restless, always pushing the boundaries, an early adopter, obsessive about the things I am interested in, a bit hyperactive, and an adrenaline junkie! My poor wife!! She has given me two beautiful children and a home to grow old in! I owe her everything I have. I write as a hobby, and contribute to medical publications, and international blogs on medicine. I play guitar, sing a bit (not very well!), write music, and for many years led worship for our local Vineyard church. I have a hard-won faith, found by the long and difficult route, in a God who loves us equally and passionately, and His Son, Jesus, who died that we might all live lives of eternity in the presence of our God and Father. For two years, spanning 2016 to 2018 I was a proportional representative politician for the Democratic Alliance in Knysna, perhaps the most difficult job I have ever had to do. I left to devote more attention to my medical practice.


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