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An interesting fact about medical aids

Posted by Young on Thursday, February 25, 2010,
Few people realise how much money medical aid administrators consume to administer the business of processing medical aid claims. One of the biggest medical aids in the country takes 15% of the total member payments for administration and profit.

This is put into perspective when one realises that this is the same total amount as every consulting doctor in the country combined.

The medical aid has staff of about 4500, and I estimate no more than ten office complexes around the country. Consulti...
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Let's discuss fees!

Posted by Young on Wednesday, February 24, 2010,
Part of transparent and open medical care is an up-front discussion of costs and expected fees.

For consultations I work close to the old 'medical rate' whenever possible because I do many rooms-based procedures, and these amount to a figure I consider fair return for my services. For prolonged consultations or complicated issues, i.e. longer than 20 minutes I will apply code 0191. Most medical aids do not remunerate code 0191.

For operations I base my fees on 'private rates' which may be signi...
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